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The following are some useful gluten-free or casein free links:

Authentic Foods Manufacturing In A Dedicated Gluten-Free Facility Since 1993 From Milling, to Blending, to Packaging 100% Natural & No Preservatives Gluten-Free Foods Shop on line at Authentic Foods Gluten Free NOW. Recommended by Faye!!!!!!

www.kinnikinnick.com for great gf bagels, donuts, hamburger buns, etc…

www.enjoylifefoods.com for gf bars, bagels, muffins, cookies, and more

www.CauseYoureSpecial.com for gfcf baking mixes, great breads, etc….

www.glutenevolution.com for some of the best gf sandwich breads, pizza crusts,…

www.thecravingsplace.com for gf, cf and egg free cookie & cake mixes,…

www.sylvanborderfarm.comfor gf all purpose flours

www.dowdandrogers.com for especially great gf chocolate & lemon cake mixes

www.glutenfree.com their gf brownie and pizza crust mixes are delicious

www.glutino.com for gf crackers, ready made breads, snacks, and more…

www.amyskitchen.com for gf soups, pizza crusts and more (see a listing of their gf foods)

www.tinkyada.com for some scrumptious gf brown rice, white rice & other gf pastas

www.naturespath.com for Envirokidz gf cereals, flaxseed flakes, etc…

www.chebe.com for tasty gf cf bread sticks, breads, pizza crusts, and more

www.mrsleeperspasta.com for great tasting corn and vegetable pastas

www.biaglute.co.uk for a variety of gf pastas

www.arrowheadmills.com for a selection of baking mixes, buckwheat flakes cereal, …

www.thebirkettmills.com for great gf products made from the gf seed “buckwheat”

www.imaginefood.com for Fantastic Foods gfcf soups, rice products, packaged meals,…

www.pacificfoods.com for organic chicken/beef/vegetarian stocks, milk replacements…

www.whitewave.com for casein-free soy milk products

www.galaxyfoods.com for soymage cheese replacement

www.meyenberg.com for goat milk (contains casein but tolerated by people w/ lactose intolerance but accepting of casein)

www.delicious-n-fit.com for gluten free foods, baked goods

GF manufacturers:

The link below is to a chart indicating all the gf
products produced by Homemade Gourmet.
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