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Authentic Foods Manufacturing In A Dedicated Gluten-Free Facility Since 1993 From Milling, to Blending, to Packaging 100% Natural & No Preservatives Gluten-Free Foods Shop on line at Authentic Foods Gluten Free NOW. Recommended by Faye!!!!!!

Safe Gluten-free Foods for the newly diagnosed Celiac:

1. Lundberg Rice Chips
2. Mission Tortilla Chips
3. Glutino Pretzels
4. Ener-G Pretzels
5. Sargento Deli Cheese
6. Vegan Cheese
7. Crunch Masters Rice Crackers
8. Edwards & Son Rice Crackers
9. Fresh Fruit (unwaxed)
10.Fresh Vegetable (unwaxed)

Pasta/ Breads/ Muffins/ Cookies:
1. Tinkyada Rice Pasta
2. Mrs. Leepers Rice or Corn Pasta
3. Enjoy Life Bagels/ muffins/ Cookies
4. Pamela's GF Cookies (Ginger, Chocolate Chip...)
5. Food For Life Pecan/Raisin Bread
6. Whole Foods New Line of Bakehouse GF Breads (available in
Dallas-Fort/Worth, Texas as well as Chapel Hil, North Carolina)
7. Kinnikinnick Frozen Breads
8. Midel GF Animal Cookies
9. Manna from Anna Sandwich Bread Mixes (Among the best gf breads!)
10.Chebe Bread Mixes (casein free, yeast free, gluten free)

Sauces/ Condiments/Marinades:
1. French's Mustard
2. Mr. Spice GF Barbecue Sauce
3. San J Wheat-Free Tamari Sauce
4. Prego Spaghetti Sauce (original)
5. Rapsberry Chipotle Marinade by Fisher & Wieser
6. Pickles or other condiments in distiled vinegar
7. Heinz Ketchup
8. Delmonte Ketchup
9. Miracle Whip
10.Kraft Mayonnaise

1. Progresso Creamy Mushroom Soup
2. Fantastic Foods Five Chili Soup
3. Amy's Tomato and Lentil Soup
4. Lipton Onion Soup Mix

1. 100 % beef or turkey without marinades (ground or regular cut)
2. Fresh Fish without marinades
3. Hormel Pepperoni (including turkey & regular)
4. Starkist tuna in water/ oil
5. Shelton's Free Range Chicken/ Turkey
6. Pederson's Bacon
7. Black Label Bacon
8. Carl Budding Sandwich Meats
9. Albertson's Frozen Turkey Meat
10.Kroger's Boar's Head Deli Meat

Pizza Crusts:
1. Ener-G Foods Frozen Crusts
2. Whole Foods new GF Bakehouse Frozen Crusts
3. Kinnikinnick Frozen Pizza Crusts

Dairy Products (lactose free):
1. Pacific Rice Milk Beverage
2. Silk Soy
3. Blue Diamond Almond Milk Beverage
4. Meyenberg Goat Milk (contains casein)
5. Goat Cheese (contains casein)