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Recent Testimonials sent to Faye

July 2007

Faye Elahi, M.A., M.S. is a veteran in the field of Special Needs Nutrition, and is no stranger to the highly prevalent issue of gluten-sensitivity, emerging strongly out of a new epidemic of diagnosis, awareness, and incidence. Faye brings a multi-cultural, multi-educational background to her practice that aids her deep understanding of the holistic issues that accompany the food-sensitive client. Her extensive experience and intelligence serve both her and her client well. She has bravely remained on the cutting edge of nutritional and overall health issues for many years, and with the excellent associate practitioners with which she has surrounded herself, her services are unmatched in her field.

Dr. Kenneth Fine, M.D., Gastroenterologist

February 2009

Gluten and Short Stature/ Asthma

My son was diagnosed with gluten intolerance per Faye Elahi’s recommendation when he was 5 years old. Prior to his diagnosis, he had always been in the 5-10th percentile on height and weight and was very slow to gain weight. He started kindergarten weighing 32 lbs. He also developed asthma, allergies and threw up often with no apparent cause. Our entire family went on a gluten free diet, after my son and my husband were both diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Within the first year, my son grew about 5 inches taller and gained 10 lbs. His current weight is almost 70 lbs. and he is a linebacker on his football team. My son will sometimes throw up, but we can usually trace it back to some gluten or citrus (which also seems to upset his stomach). We believe that the gluten free diet has made many positive changes in his growth and health. He is a healthy, bright, happy boy who loves sports and school. We appreciate the care and diligence Faye extended to us throughout the past 4 years.

DG, Richardson

September, 2008

Dear Faye,

I just wanted to write and thank you for the huge role you’ve played in helping our boys already!  As you know, we’re still sort of new on this journey, but we are so grateful that we were referred to you in the very beginning.

When the boys first received their diagnoses (Campbell with mild-to-moderate classic Autism, and Luke with “borderline” Autism Spectrum Disorder) in January, 2008, we were devastated.  We were told by our diagnosing physician that, for Autism, there was no known cause, no known cure and our best bet for any possible improvement was simply therapy.  At the time of the dx, the boys were 2 yrs 9 mos. old and, in addition to their behavioral ASD symptoms, they had also suffered from chronic congestion, runny noses and diarrhea off and on since 1-2 months of age.  No one had ever suggested food allergies or dietary interventions for these conditions, and they certainly didn’t suggest them as a treatment for their ASDs.  Admittedly, we did not find much hope in the prognosis and treatment plans offered by our physicians. 

Thank God, I met another mom at Campbell’s speech therapy whose son was several months ahead of us on this path, and she suggested our first step was to see you.  She started us on the road to researching “Leaky Gut” and understanding the undeniable connection between our boys’ immune systems, digestive systems and their brain function.  From our very first meeting with you, we’ve had hope---we now understand the impact that dietary and nutritional intervention can have on our boys’ health and we are so hopeful for their futures.  Per your suggestion, we took both boys off of milk immediately--and I can tell you, neither one of them has had so much as a sniffle since doing so!  They’ve had no fevers, no congestion, no coughs---nothing!---for 8 months!---and these are toddlers that are in pre-school, church and Mothers’ Day Out with a host of other toddlers---that, to us, has been amazing! J  In addition, since starting the GFCF diet and adding the nutritional supplements, we have seen incredible changes in their behaviors and development. 

Campbell, who is more severe, had no words and virtually no eye-contact in January.  He did not respond to his name, he interacted with us very, very little, and he was completely “checked-out” emotionally most of the time.  As his mom, it was heartbreaking to watch…  Today, Campbell is like a different kid.  He has around 50 words he uses spontaneously (and he can repeat many, many more), he is responsive to us, his eye contact has improved drastically, he comes looking for us and shows affection, he gets his feelings hurt, he cries and throws fits when he’s upset, he smiles and laughs when he’s happy, and, while he can still check-out on us from time to time, he is quicker to “come back” and be present---which is HUGE!  One of the most interesting and tangible forms of proof we’ve seen of the gut/brain connection came when we cut his sugar back and removed the rice from his diet.  While we were following the GFCF diet, Campbell was still getting too much sugar (through fruit juices or processed GFCF snacks) and he had self-selected a mostly rice-based diet.  In June, we decided to cut out rice, and, per your advice, we cut his sugar back to 20g per day and we ensured he was only getting natural forms of sugar (i.e. Agave, honey, Stevia, fresh fruit, etc.)---no more refined sugar.  About a month after making that change, we began to see behavioral regressions (stimming, tantrums, aggression, staying checked-out longer, etc.).  We were very upset because we didn’t understand what was happening.  Then, for several days, he had the nastiest, smelliest, weirdest diapers---and they were full of undigested foods (foods he hadn’t recently eaten!) and YEAST!  It was clear he was dumping serious junk from his little gut.  At that same time, his therapists began commenting on his concentration and annunciation drastically improving—and, in that same week, he all of a sudden began saying his numbers and letters (and identifying them on signs and t-shirts, etc.)---he knew ALL of them AND he could make their sounds.  It was AMAZING!!!  We then knew what we had just witnessed---we had seen him go through the obviously uncomfortable process of his body dumping bacteria/yeast from his gut, and then it was as if a fog had lifted for him.  We knew we had tangible proof of dietary/nutritional intervention!

As you know, Luke has also continued to make significant strides.  He has a lot less ground to make up than Campbell, but he has steadily gained new words and his ability to communicate, reason, problem-solve, etc.  has continued to get better and better---so much so, that we were recently told to consider mainstreaming him in preschool sooner rather than later, which was such a joy to hear!

While we know we still have a long way to go on this journey, we are so very grateful for you and the hope you’ve given us for our boys’ futures.  Not only have you been a brilliant resource of information and guidance, you’ve also been so supportive emotionally, and you’ve obviously worked hard to help us figure out ways to do these treatments as financially reasonably as possible.  I don’t know too many practitioners in any field who work as diligently as you do in that regard.  You have been, and continue to be, one of the great blessings we’ve found on this path. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.  It’s so rewarding now to get to tell new moms on this journey about the hope they can find in your practice---just as I was so fortunate to have heard it from my friend back in January.

We wish you continued success and many blessings,

Sunny & Nick


August, 2008

Dear Faye,

I wanted to thank you so much for your help with our 18 month old son Caden.  As you know, I was having a very difficult collecting a urine sample from him with the toddler urine collection bags used with a diaper.  I was ready to give up until you offered to help me.    When we set the appt. to come in for him to sit on the “potty chair”, I was skeptical as I had only been able to get him to sit on it for a few seconds and never without a diaper actually trying to go potty. 

Upon your advice, I brought all kinds of toys and his favorite snacks.  Your patience & support was unbelievable today.  Funny we got a stool sample when we did not even need one J but after 1 hours of being on the “potty chair”, Caden finally went potty!!   So Faye you were there for both his first time potty & poopy!!  I appreciate all the advice, time and patience you took with us.  Now, we can get the information we need from his sample to help him with the next step. 

We also appreciate all the wonderful advice for his Gluten Free-Casein Free diet.    I would have never figured out many of the “allowed” snacks & foods available if you wouldn’t have told me.   I look forward to meeting again next time.  Thanks again so much for your support & patience today!!  You are the best!

Sincerely, Tiffany

March, 2008


My son has been ill as long as I can remember. At first it was feeding issues, then it was a blockage in his bowls, later it was the unknown food allergies causing regular vomiting and heavy eczema. My poor uncomfortable baby. After working with Surgeons, Gastroenterologiest, Allergists and Pediatricians many of his issues were diminished or resolved. At the age of one I was still left with the issue of frequent vomiting, multi undiagnosed food allergies, nutritional issues and heavily scabbed eczema. I didn't know where else to turn. I had tapped out every doctor I could think of, they had no more answers. Concerned mostly at this point with my baby's nutrition I called on a nutritionist that was recommended to me. That was Faye. She sat and talked with me at length. I walked into the office expecting a food/meal plan, what I ended-up with was a road to recovery. These days my son is on a dairy and wheat (gluten) free diet. The frequent vomiting has stopped. The eczema that had scabbed his feet and caused him to scratch is legs until they bleed has cleared to the point that non Rx treatments will do. I am now looking forward to reintroducing foods I once avoided not knowing if they were the cause of his allergy issues. Thank you Faye for all you have done for us.


November, 2007


My Physician had recommended I consult with Faye in 2006, but I did not make up my mind I needed to change my life to control my weight until mid 2007. I decided to take his advice and made an appointment. My goals were to get to my ideal weight by the end of 2008 and to improve my overall nutritional habits. While I am still working on both of those goals, I have had a few surprises along the way.

At my first visit, Faye had asked me a series of questions that led her to believe I might have Celiac Disease. The key symptoms she noted were chronic constipation and chronic borderline anemia. I agreed to be tested and sure enough, I was Gluten Intolerant…and most likely Celiac, even though I have not had the biopsy to prove my small intestines are damaged….it’s a pretty safe assumption they are to some degree. She also indicated the two worst things about my diet at that time were I consumed way too much sodium for someone who is hypertensive and I ate out too much.

After cutting back my sodium intake to the levels Faye suggested, my average BP readings have gone from 145/88 to 115/70. I will likely be backing off on my medication soon. My Physician will be so thrilled!

I have lost 30 pounds in the past 3 months, which is exactly the rate of loss I want.

After deciding to take the plunge and start a Gluten Free diet, I had an unexpected side benefit….my horrible gas and bloating I seemed to always experience after eating lunch just disappeared. It was like turning off a light switch!

After a few weeks of my Gluten Free dieting, it was time for my now monthly appointment with Faye. I told her I had relief from the bloating and gas, but was still experiencing constipation. She advised that I was likely Casein intolerant as well, and should avoid all milk and mild products. Boy did that limit my already shrinking options of what I could eat out and what I could buy that was processed in any way! The good news is, after a couple of days of no milk products, I was regular as could be with no laxatives or stool softeners. Turns out my light bulb was a three way!!

Even though I am still learning and adjusting to my new lifestyle, I feel Faye has helped me tremendously with my nutritional knowledge and digestive health.


November, 2007


I just wanted to give you more details regarding Evan’s progress and how I think the diet contributed.

I realized that Evan was showing signs of autism when he turned three. He was late to reach his milestones as a baby, but I was reassured by the pediatrician that he was just on the late side of normal.  I had a feeling that this was not the case, that there was something more to his behavior and development. Evan had poor eye contact, was obsessed with trains, obsessed with wheels and objects with wheels, speech/language was behind and he had echolalia, had a “personal space” problem with peers, had a drooling problem, had severe tantrums, problems with attention span, and had his “bad days” when he just acted like he was in a fog and not very “clear-minded”. Evan, at age three was attending Barron ECS in their special education preschool class, and his teachers were working on a personal space issue with his peers, his attention span and the usual preschool academics. At the end of preschool in spring of ’07, these issues were still on his lists of goals to work on at school.

 At the beginning of the summer, we took gluten away from his diet. We noticed an improvement in his speech and conversational skills with virtually no echolalia, less tantrums, and better eye contact. The personal space with other children got better also. He seemed to be more clear-minded and able to follow directions better. At the end of the summer, we took away casein, and that is also when we noticed a big difference. Within 2-3 weeks, he stopped drooling, his eye contact became even more improved. We just had his parent/teacher conference a week ago and the teachers have commented that they have seen dramatic improvements in school. They have even commented that he has improved a lot just in the past month. Personal space with peers is no longer an issue and his attention span is greatly improving. He is able to draw a family picture of us with “smiley faces”. He enjoys playing and interacting with teachers and peers at school. Preschool academics are falling into place now that his attention span is better. His teachers tell me he will be ready to start kindergarten on time with all of his improvements. (I’m still planning on holding him back a year because he would be one of the younger ones in the class and I think holding him back would benefit him).

He also attends The Academy for Social and Sensory Development school in McKinney in the afternoons. Ms. Sheila, his teacher, has also states that Evan is making fast progress with social skills and academics. He also has occupational therapy twice a week and has speech therapy at Barron ECS and sees another private speech therapist once a week.  I have to give credit to all of his teachers and therapists for helping Evan to come such a long way. But, I do feel that if I did not start Evan on the GFCF diet, that he would not have been able to make such dramatic improvements with school and therapy. It would be so hard for him to learn, and for anyone to learn, when their mind is in a “fog”. My husband and I are thrilled that Evan has gotten rid of his drooling problem. Other kids would notice his drooling problem and they were not wanting to play with him. Now, Evan blends in with any other kid on the playground. I have high hopes for him living a “normal” life.

Thank you, Faye, for giving me the support and advice I needed to start this diet and be successful with it. I initially asked my son’s pediatric neurologist if I should try this diet and he discouraged me from it, saying that it was so “hard to follow” and that there was “no evidence that it helped”.  I am so glad that my occupational therapist referred me to you and that I had a comprehensive nutritional evaluation of Evan and recommendations for changes in his diet. The diet is not that hard once you get used to it, and it is a healthier diet than what he was eating before. Evan now eats more fruit and vegetable width='100%' width='100%'s and his bowel movements (often an issue with autism) are not loose anymore. I would recommend this diet to anyone whose child is showing signs of autism, it is definitely worth trying.

Thank you, Lisa D.

September, 2007

Dear Faye,
I wanted to let you know that Kate is doing better. Her breath is fresher, her articulation is clearer, her handwriting is better, and she is generally more cooperative that before! She falls asleep more quickly, and is sleeping better. She has had a couple of moments when she had a hard time calming down, but those moments happen much less frequently than before. She is very compliant with the diet, and even reminded her father that she can't have regular bread when he momentarily forgot and offered her one of the free samples at Whole Foods! I am so grateful that I went to your talk that day! Who knows if we would ever have figured out the problem.  I do have a couple of questions. I've read about how some gluten sensitive kids also need to go dairy free, at least for six months or so, until the gut begins to heal. Is this something we should do for Kate? She hardly ever drinks milk, or eats yogurt, but loves cheese. Also, we are having difficulty getting her to eat her vitamins. She says they taste yucky. Can you recommend a chewable kids vitamin, or one she can just swallow?  We have had very good luck at her school. Everyone, the principal, Kate's teacher, the art teacher, has been 100% supportive about keeping her away from gluten!

Thank you! Carol

August, 2007

Dear Faye,

I want to thank you for seeing me a couple of weeks ago. Although I had already been gluten-free for six months, my digestive system was not on track. After taking the supplements you recommended, I was surprised that I felt better right away. My digestive troubles disappeared, and I've had no more diarrhea. Now I can even eat beans and cruciferous vegetables, something I had never really been comfortable with! Another big plus was finding out that the painful geographic tongue I had been suffering with was actually a yeast infection. Following your advice, it is now gone! This is the first relief I've had in over five years. I honestly can't ever remember feeling this good. Thanks for all your help!

Sincerely, Beverly

January 2006

Dear Faye:

My 3 year old special needs daughter is " Speaking" more words and putting two and three word sentences together every day since our last appointment in December. For the first time since she came into our family, we have hope that through good nutrition and dietary changes, we could correct some of her developmental delays.

Please let everyone know how much we are pleased with the results we have seen in a short 2 months. I recognize that these results are highly individualized but if this is all we need to do to have our child back, then we are thrilled to change her diet and intend on following your "easy to implement" instructions for years to come.

Thank you from all of us, Wendy

January 2006

Dear Faye:

I wanted to share with you the wonderful news we have about Bryan.

As you recall, he was first seen by you about a year ago when he was suffering from Attention Deficit symptoms. Consequently, he was prescribed medication for his symptoms by his primary Doctor.

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to function well on the medication as it would make him groggy and "doped-up" so we started with you on a healthy diet plan. About three month later we saw a significant improvement in his attention and slowly he seemed more interested in his studies. I took it upon myself to talk to his physician about gradually discontinuing his medication plan. He agreed to try it and now, about a year later, my son is drug-free and feeling more energetic and attentive as ever. More importantly, since we modified his diet, he has a more positive outlook on life and seems to be interested in keeping the changes going. That is the best gift you could have given our family as I know he will be continuing on this " healthy nutrition path" when he goes off to the university next year.

All the time you spend teaching him about good foods and your genuine interest in him as a person has made a label reader out of him. I cannot thank you enough for being such a positive influence on our son.

Regards, Sherry

22 December, 2005

Dear Faye:

We wanted to update you about our son who you did a complete nutrition assessment on about a month ago. As you know, he was seen by a neurologist for treatment of his Grand Mal seizures and ADD related symptoms. He was experiencing between 6-10 seizures a day even while on medication. So we desperately came to you for help and you designed a new diet for our son which was not very hard to implement. In addition we started him right away on the few nutritional supplements that you recommended from the health food store. We are amazed at the fact that his seizures stopped for 3 weeks!!! What a relief this is for him as well as us. You have made true believers out of us that nutrition is the missing link in many neurological disorders. The other day, our son's grand parents were in town and they ended up eating at a fast food restaurant for lunch and he threw up late that night and had one medium seizure the following morning. When I talked to you about that episode, you pointed out the fact that Mono Sodium Glutamate in the fast food may have contributed to the isolated seizure he had after 3 weeks of being completely seizure-free. What a blessing it is to finally have a professional on your side who understands the true causes of  diseases and who is willing to recommend non-intrusive harmless nutrition and dietary changes to control the symptoms and perhaps prevent others from even occurring. Our son thanks you and we are grateful to you for all your care.
Happy Holidays,


Tue, 10 May 2005
Hello Faye,

I hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to send a message to let you know how well I am doing.  You have changed my life.  I can't thank you enough.

My genetic marker test related to celiac came back positive.  I decided to go ahead and have the endoscopy and colonoscopy in order to confirm diagnosis.  That will be this Thursday.  Shopping has not been too hard.  With the exception of being able to eat out, I feel like I am
eating the way I always have - just with gluten free products.  Outback and PFChangs are the only restaurants I know how to eat at for now, but that list will grow.  I have lost 7 pounds without trying since going gluten free.

I have some feedback on some gluten free products if you are interested.
Pamela's Lemon Shortbread - Wonderful!
Rice Dream ice cream strawberry - very, very bad
Quinoa Pasta from Ancient Harvest - good
Envirokidz Organic Crispy Rice Bar - Berry - good - I keep these in my desk and in my bag in case I get hungry.
Rice Crunch-Ems - good - they are like Chex.
Envirokidz Amazon Frosted Flakes - good.
Frontera Corn Tortilla Chips - good.
Frontera medium tomatillo salsa - very good.
Whole foods Blueberry muffins - very crumbly but good.
Whole foods Cinnamon Raisin Bread - way too dry - beyond dry, even with lots of butter it is still dry.
Thai Kitchen Rice Noodle Bowl - great - good to take to work for lunch.

Well, that is all for now.  I will see you in June so we can work on getting my nutrition in line and hopefully some more weight will come off.

I wish you all the best,

Wed, 4 May 2005

Dear Faye:

I wanted to give you an update about my husband and our five year old son since they both went on a gluten-free diet last month.  My husband as you know had a severe case of psoriasis since I remember it and was not able to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts because of the unsightly scars on his arms and legs. After meeting with you, we went ahead and started the gluten-free diet. To our amazement, his skin improved as did his energy and digestion. Now I know first hand about the gut-mind connection.  My husband is now persuaded that Gluten intolerance was his appropriate diagnosis and that gluten was the real cause of his psoriasis not some mysterious skin disease. Had he not come to you, he would have never known and his self-esteem would have been affected.  As far as our 5 year old son is concerned, as you recall, he had projectile vomiting twice a month or more and was shorter than average for his age. Based upon your recommendation, we put him on a gluten-free diet as well. For the past month, since the start of the diet, he has not had even one episode of vomiting and he seems both happier and more focused. Thank you for all your care!


Thu, 17 Feb 2005
Dear Faye,

In January of 2004 my son's principal told me if I did not medicate my child he was not welcome to return for second grade. The good news is, I did not listen to her. The better news is that she was no longer at the school by the middle of 2005.  Our soon to be eight year old, Rowan, is an intelligent, very active and imaginative child. At the time he was impulsive and had trouble focusing on the work in his Montessori classroom we had heard it before which is why we switched from a very formal Episcopal school to Montessori. We also knew he was not being academically challenged and was bored. No teacher likes to hear she is not meeting a child's needs. It's easier to blame the child.

At the beginning of first grade my mother and father had come through major surgeries. My son had spent a good deal of Kindergarten in and out of emergency rooms with his grandparents. My husband traveled in his job for the first five years of our son's life and was gone up to 6 weeks at a time. My marriage was stressed. In other words my little boy was totally stressed out, and acting out on that. We had already begun family therapy when he was four due to his fathers travel and to make sure our son was coping with all this upheaval as well as possible.

His grandpa died within the first thirty days of first grade. He was the new kid and was pinched by one little boy constantly while another got up in the lunchroom and said "How many of you would like to see Rowan get killed?" This, from a 6 year old in an Episcopal Montessori school! I got daily notes about his behavior, which was in large part a reaction to how he was being treated as the new kid. The principal was shocked when I showed her my son's arm with the black and blue pinch marks (the child in question had parents who were divorcing and had his own issues).  When asked why he did not report it, he told her he didn't think she would believe him and besides he was not a tattle tale.

When the principal told me I had 6 weeks to whip him into shape (she had medicated her own son) I declared war. I began an information gathering campaign. I read, I looked on the internet. I made an appointment for a complete neuropsych. Evaluation at Baylor at the Children's House. I consulted with my gynecologist who is very aware of children with different gifts and abilities as well as challenges and how to help them without medication. I consulted with our own family therapist.

After our family therapist, the second person I invited onto our team was Faye Elahi. Very simply put, she changed our lives and our son's life in a matter of weeks.  She advised taking Rowan off of sugar and wheat and anything with dyes. She also introduced a good liquid multivitamin and zinc to improve focus. I thought it would be a struggle. It really wasn't a couple of difficult days and that was all. Faye was brilliant at substitutions. Our son is a picky eater and still she managed to, within a week, totally turn his diet around. Faye sent me a detailed menu plan with brand names. She was always only an email away when I had a question.

Our third team member was a social skills therapist. This was to help Rowan deal with bullies. Within seven weeks we were back at school with our team members. Rowan's first grade teacher said she had seen a 35% drop in his impulsive behavior on the playground in the seven weeks during which we changed his diet. She said his focus had improved. That would be the zinc kicking in. While we were all astonished that he had made such strides so quickly, it was still not enough for the school. They wanted medication. We had our upcoming neuropsych evaluation which would give us great information but the school was not interested. We had already decided this school was not the nurturing environment we thought it to be and certainly not the place for our child. I can only implore all of you, if any school tells you to medicate your child, RUN. I come from a family of doctors, teachers are not doctors. They have no business telling a family to medicate.

Rowan's evaluation showed he had Sensory Integration (SI) issues. To put is simply, his body runs like a Ferrari while most of us are four door sedans! Rowan walked at 8 months and this seems to be somewhat of an indicator for SI. Because the child has such finely tuned senses that are easily over stimulated, SI can seem like ADHD. The child is more easily distracted, say by a smell or the feel of something, and so seems not to be paying attention. The doctor that consulted with us told me that 90 % of the kids she saw with SI and ADHD did not need medication but the pressure on the parents for a quick fix, was overwhelming. She was totally on board with nutritional intervention and said that was half the battle in children today. She advised us to seek physical and occupational therapy. The therapists also asked about the nutritional piece and were thrilled we had already taken care of that. Our LPT therapist said proper nutrition is essential in every problem she sees. If the parents get rid of the sugar, the dyes, the wheat, they see a huge improvement.

We continue to consult with Faye. At mid year we tried an experiment and took a bit of the zinc supplement away for a week. Our son's grades plummeted. We added it back and increased it a bit as he had grown) and the very next week he was making A's again. At Christmas break we added another component called The Listening Program. The child listens to modulated music that actually helps the brain's chemistry organize and focus better. We saw a big improvement with this program as well and will continue it for about 6 months.

Rowan is in a smaller, more nurturing school with a teacher that has at least read a bit about SI and is willing to do whatever she can to help him reach his full potential. He is making mostly A's and a few B's, finally being academically challenged and learning something. He is no longer bored at school. We are still facing an institution that wants faster results and that does put pressure on all of us. After a meeting with the school last month they were still concerned about his focus, despite his good grades. I met with Faye and she asked me to try another natural supplement designed to increase focus. In five days his therapist said he could soon be through with therapy when, only a month ago, she had advised another 4-6 months. 

I told her what our latest supplement was and she got very excited, wanting to know all about it. We are waiting another week to see if the teacher notices. Bottom line, there are many pieces to every child's internal puzzle. Love your children enough to do the work and find the answers. Find their team and equip them with the essential tools for success in life. We have found the largest piece of the puzzle is proper nutrition with the proper supplements. Our son feels better, looks better and acts better. His reactions have been so rapid from our perspective that we are astonished and delighted. He continues to thrive under Faye's guidance. In my opinion, Faye has been heaven sent.


Mon, 27 Dec 2004

Hi Faye,

Since my wedding day 32 years ago, I've been plagued with urinary tract infections (UTI).  When my husband and I would have sexual relations, within 12 hours I would get a UTI.  This was followed by ten days of antibiotics, and then I'd get a yeast infection because the antibiotics killed the good bacteria along with the bad. An urologist finally put me on a preventative dose of an antibiotic to take only after intercourse.  This did the trick for many years, but it was still killing the good bacteria, and over the past year two years, I started getting a yeast infection after taking only one pill of the antibiotic.

Two months ago, I visited Faye Elahi, a qualified nutritionist and truly caring person.  She suggested I eat a couple of different foods to prevent the infections.  It took me almost two months to work up the courage to stop taking the antibiotic and take Faye's advice, but I finally did. A couple of tasty foods and no painful UTI or yeast infection the very first time I tried it!  What a relief to be done with the drugs.

I've heard Faye speak several times to different groups of people, and have gained so much knowledge about good health and good foods each time.  It's been a pleasure getting to know her and learn from her.


December 7, 2004


I wanted to relay my experience with SI and food coloring.  

My son, Jason, was diagnosed in November 2002 with moderate Sensory Integration Dysfunction.  At that time, Jason couldn't stand tags in his clothing, would scream in pain if he fell down or received a scrape.  He was distracted most of the time by what he saw and/or heard.  At age 5, Jason had yet to sit through a movie at a theatre because of the darkness and loud booming sound from the film.

Jason started OT therapy as well as other therapies for his vision and a Listening Therapy.  He has made very good improvements over the past 2 years.  His SI has moved from being Moderate to Mild.  Then this past summer, my kids started to see you about their dietary needs.  As recommended, we backed off the sugar and also reduced our wheat intake.  

Sometime in September, I noticed an incident that I relate to a food coloring reaction.  Jason had accidentally bought a pop tart from a vending machine.  I told him it had too much sugar and he couldn't eat it.  The next day without my knowing, he ate one of the pop tarts.  Immediately, his SI dysfunction escalated.  He started that "crawling out of his skin" reaction, and covered his ears when the dryer buzzed.  He was irritated and tried to pinch me for no apparent reason.  I instantly associated this sudden change to the consumption of that pop tart.  I had not witnessed these behaviors in many months, but suddenly they were back!  

In the past, Jason would eat fruit rollups, colored yogurt, Sunkist, chips etc., but since we had started seeing you many of these foods were eliminated because they contained too much sugar.  Now, I firmly believe, we were witnessing a sensory reaction to the coloring, not the sugar.  On another occasion, he was visiting his grandma and ate 4-5 small packages of fruit flavored gummy bears.  Same thing, he came home a different kid.  I saw him much more sensory sensitive and verbally lashing out at the family.

Today, if Jason has a can of Sprite, for example, he can get hyper, but I have not seen anything send him backwards down the SI road like food coloring.   Needless to say, we all check everything the kids eat and Jason especially checks the labels for coloring.


September 30, 2003

Dear Faye:

This is a 2nd follow-up to the initial consultation we had on July 10.  On September 2, I had my annual physical with my GI Dr. and the results were very good.  

Cholesterol results were total 184, LDL at 111, HDL at 61 and triglycerides at 58.  The hemoglobin reading was 12.3 compared to 9 in June while in the hospital and about 10.2 when we got together in July.  This improvement was without any iron supplements being taken other than what was in your recommended nutritional supplement.  Certainly appears that things are being absorbed now.

Overall, I am feeling good with plenty of energy.  Baseball season is over so that does lighten my load a bit.  My weight this morning was 137# as opposed to 123# when we met in July.  Bowel movements seem pretty regular without any diarrhea, no bloating in abdomen, etc.  I have tried to note any subtle feeling in the gut but I have not had any that seem out of the ordinary other than in passing. I am still getting my calcium through fortified orange juice but have added some magnesium to help insure or aid in the absorption of the calcium.  As per your suggestion, I am also now taking acidophilus tablets, garlic and Vitamin E daily in addition to your multi-vitamin/mineral.

Of the changes I made at the time of the initial visit with you, I am still---

·        Taking natural nutritional supplement rather than synthetic except as noted above

·        Calcium from fortified orange juice

·        Having a soy protein drink once a day

·        Taking a flax seed oil supplement

·        Refraining from the use of refined sugars including soft drinks

·       Now eating a variety of breads with a limit on the millet/potato flour bread.  Rice flour breads as well home made bean flour breads are filling in.

I have been off the lactose diet free for a couple of weeks now.  My appetite is real good.  What I am eating is very similar to that shown on the previous “food diary” sheets sent to you last month.

Thanks for all your care,



Dear Faye:

How I felt before implementing a gluten free diet:

1. constant pounding headache with frequent, sometimes daily migraines
2. diarrhea- frequent, including unpredictable bouts of instant dumping associated with or without eating
3. constant extreme nausea on the verge of vomiting
4. unable to tolerate very many foods- would become extremely nauseated and even vomit sometimes
5. constipation- occassionally, which was nonresponsive to simple treatments
6. swelling of face, hands, legs, ankles and feet
7. constant feeling and symptoms of flu like virus
8. abdomen very irritated- felt like a constant stomach virus would even wake me up every night
9. infertility, hormone imbalance, abnormal bleeding
10. nails, very soft, split and break easily
11. hair falling out
12. frequent sores on tongue, gum and corners of mouth cracked
13. tongue swollen and very heavy with increased secretions
14. constant sore throat
15. poor immune system- caught every virus and then would take a long time to get over it
16. unable to sleep- body hurt, painful to move, would sleep for no more than 20-30 min. increments
17. felt exhausted in am
18. rashes on arms- some left scares
19. head very foggy, unable to focus or concentrate
20. irritable for no reason
21. muscles hurt painfully- especially in the morning extreme stiffness and pain for 2-3 hrs.
22. allergy symptoms severe- constant thick drainage- would choke at night and unable to breathe very well= tried every prescriptive allergy medication
23. temperature regulation off- either sweating or freezing
24. no energy- one activity in the morning-like loading the dishwasher- would finish me for the day. The rest of the day every movement would require more than I had.

After implementing a gluten free diet:

1. extreme nausea gone after 24hrs.- with no nausea at all 3 days later
2. no diarrhea or constipation within 24hrs.
3. headache greatly diminished within 24hrs. and continues to lessen every day. Have had only 1 migraine in the past month.
4. swelling significantly reduced
5. extreme muscle pain gone within first week- all muscle pain gone after two weeks
6. flu like symptoms greatly reduced within one week and continue to lessen- still very sensitive to weather and environment
7. allergy symptoms controlled with just one zyrtec-D at night
8. able to maintain temperature regulation better
9. within 24hrs. feeling a little more energetic- still dealing with energy level but overall has greatly improved
10. sores on tongue - only once in past month- no cracks in corners of mouth-tongue almost normal
11. sleep is better- not waking up with abdominal discomfort. Able to fall into a deep sleep for about 3-4 hrs. at a time
12. nails stronger
13. have had only two viruses in past month
14. no rashes
15. hair still falling out- but is shiny
16. head still foggy but not as bad
17. able to eat a better variety of foods and tolerate some foods that in the past I would have an instant reaction to like eggs.



Dear Faye:

After the birth of my second son in March of 2003 I started having numbness in my hands and feet.  It would happen around 2-3 times a day and last as long as 20 minutes.  I saw my regular doctor in May of 2003 and he thought I was having anxiety over the birth of my new son but said he would refer me to a cardiologist.  I had a full cardiac work up done and they found I was in great health and agreed it was probably an anxiety disorder.  I told the doctor I would be unable to take antidepressants because of breastfeeding.  To satisfy me he sent me to a neurologist.  By the time I made the appointment I was becoming worried that something was really wrong with me.  My hands and feet and legs were almost always numb.  There were times I would fall when I tried to get out of bed to see to my children in the middle of the night.  I felt very close to fainting almost daily, I was so fatigued I could not even do my normal daily chores.  I could no longer play with my children longer than a few minutes at a time.  Luckily the neurologist felt my symptoms were real and thought I had the normal anxiety’s any mother of two would have.  He set up for me to have an MRI the following week and told me not to drive or take baths until we received the results.  When I received the results I was almost crushed that they were completely normal.  I wanted to know what was wrong with me.  When I followed up with my neurologist he said he couldn’t explain what was wrong but he said every week he would test for four things until there were no more test to pursue.  That day he tested for Lupus, Lyme disease, MS and Celiac disease.  A week later he called and said he wanted me to see a gastroenterologist and insist on a biopsy.  Only my antigliadin antibodies were slightly raised  but he thought that was enough to rule out celiac disease.  After having my biopsy that the gastroenterologist was sure would come out negative I found out that I had celiac disease.  My villa were damaged in all six areas they tested.  The doctor was very surprised because I had no stomach issues and normal stools.

What I thought was the end of many months of finding out what was wrong with me was just the beginning.  I met with the nutrionist  my doctor recommended.  I could not believe all the foods I was going to have to give up.  She gave me a list of 20-30 items I could not have if it was on a food label.  What she didn’t tell me was that it depended on the food source.  For instance natural flavorings was on the list. 

After meeting someone else with celiac disease I found out that my diet didn’t need to be so restricted.  She referred me to Faye Elahi and said she really made a difference in her life and taught her how to read labels.  Through my struggle with my disease I am so grateful to two people.  My neurologist  who helped me with my diagnosis and Faye for truly helping me feel better and back to my old self.

After one meeting with her she set me up with an eating plan that even included the brands I should buy and recipes I could cook.  She also gave me a supplement called formula 4.  Within two to three days I felt an extremely better.  People even noticed when they called or saw me.  I had a friend say, “you seem so much better, did you finally find a medicine you could take for your celiac disease”.  After a few days I no longer needed naps all day and was running around with my children.  

After making the changes Faye recommended and taking the formula 4 I feel I have a good understanding of celiac disease.  I can now go out to eat and even a dinner party without starving or getting sick.  Faye was able to tell me of brands of gluten free products that were really tasty.  I actually think my sandwiches I eat now are better tasting.  Through meeting me and evaluating my symptoms Faye figured out exactly the nutrients I was missing and what I needed to eat to make me feel better.  She said my villa had been damaged and I had depleted a lot of my vital minerals because I was not absorbing foods like I should of.  This is true for most celiacs when they are first diagnosed.

Symptoms before:

Extreme fatigue

Numbness in areas

Unclear thinking

Bruised easy

Bleeding gums

Gas and bloating

Symptoms after:

All of my symptoms gave gone away.  I have more energy and can think more clearly.  My gums no longer bleed when I brush my teeth.  I hardly have any bloating.  My husband says that my mood has become more cheerful and relaxed.

When I occasionally do ingest gluten I get horrible stomach cramping and will usually vomit.  I never had these symptoms before becoming gluten free.  My doctor and Faye both say that is a good sign that my villa are healing.  Before my digestive tract was too damaged to even feel what gluten was doing to me. 

Again I am so thankful for the help Faye has given to me.  I am really enjoying feeling good again.