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Raising Healthy Kids One Family at a Time

       By Faye Elahi, M.S. “ the Gluten-free Guru”

In October of 2004, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) issued a troubling report that: “Not only are adults struggling with overweight and inactivity, but children are becoming inactive as well.” Perhaps the most helpful habit a parent can teach a child is basic nutrition survival skills.

That includes portion control, hunger awareness, eating out skills, etc…. Here are some basic nutrition survival tips for parents and kids:

        Eat at a designated place with the family

   Teach your children portion control (serving size awareness)

   Reward kids with action (praise) not food or sweets

   Tell your children about diseases caused by overeating

   Breast-feed your children a minimum of 4-6 months to strengthen immunity

   Avoid the allergenic foods before 1 year including soy, shellfish, gluten (wheat, rye, barley) egg, corn, bovine dairy, peanut and honey.

   Teach chewing each mouthful 20-25 times

   Choose foods that are beautiful and naturally tasty (colorful peppers…)

   Expect rejection of some new foods (it takes at least 5-10 repetitions for children to accept a new food)

   Research shows that children are more apt to accept new fruits and vegetables at home than at school or in other settings so offer it daily!

   Eat as much organic foods as possible

   As soon as baby is weaned from breast milk, they should be taking a fatty acid (fish oil) supplement to replace the nutrients in mother’s milk.

 Resources for Organic Foods/Products: